About us

In 1989 Espit Chupitos established the bases of the show shots bar and since then it has not stopped innovating, it is creativity in its purest form. The technical means and above all the team make it possible to create cozy bars, spectacular shots and show, much Show.


At the head of the team are José and Lourdes, founders of Espit Chupitos, always thinking of improving the consumer experience, analyzing results, new products, all under criteria of commercial and economic efficiency.

The product

This desire for continuous improvement and innovation allows us to have more than 600 original shots and 180 jugs and cocktail shakers made based on our own brand of high quality and competitive beverages.

An own and original know-how in the leisure and creative capacity sector, guaranteed the success of the brand and its expansion through franchises.

The key to success

The key to the success of Espit Chupitos is to transmit transversely fun, show, game, interaction, proximity to the client , with a genuine product-service.

Our vision

The vision of Espit Chupitos is growth in a sustainable and quality way, bearing in mind the values ​​of,
Creativity: valuable innovation.
Continuous improvement: constant review of all the factors that together allow the optimization of Espit Chupitos.
Team: Where people feel motivated to be the best.
Portfolio: Satisfy the wishes and needs of consumers through our product-service.
Franchise: win to win; Together we create mutual and lasting value.
Profits: Maximize the profitability of the project, while we are aware of all our responsibilities.
Productivity: Being an effective organization, which reacts quickly to the changes and needs of our environment.

never stop thinking: creativity is the way

José y Lourdes
Espit Chupitos